Yeah!!!!  I am learning to write letters on the blog as well this should make it easier for us. 

OK, lets answer some of those really good questions you asked.

1.)  Yes I do have an address for you it is:

Yolande Slicer
2731 N 66th Street
Fennville, Mi 49408

I am in Florida right now, heading to Georgia and then on to Tennessee.  Normally I haul fresh vegatables from california to Chicago, or Harrisburg.  Right now it is the change in the growing season so We will start picking up lettuce and carrots from Yuma, Arizonia and bring them to Chicago.  I usually go through chicago 2 times a week.

Our truck is what is called a "team truck" .  That is when two drivers share the work so we can get further faster and bring fresh goods to all the people and places that need them.  When it is not my turn to work I sleep in the bunk, it is a special little room attached to the back of the truck with 2 beds in it.  Here is a picture so that you can get a better idea of what it looks like.  

There is not a lot of room so you have to be organized and make the best use of the little space you have.  I am not really good at it yet but I am learning and getting better every day.